Photographer of the year

I still can’t believe it:
I actually won “Photographer of the Year” in the “urban landscape / architecture” category at the 35 Awards.
Since fine art architecture photography is my greatest passion, this award means a lot to me. It is an incredible honor for me to have won this award in this great competition. HERE you can check out my profile on the award page.

The Award

Here is my certificate with all the details about the contest and my nominations:

fine art architecture certificate of the 2022 35 awards by tobias trumpp

In addition to the award for photographer of the year, I made the 2nd place in the category “urban landscape / architecture” with one of my photos. I know – the second winner is the first loser. But since I made the 2nd place out of a total of 25,693 submitted pictures, I turn a blind eye again 😉

I received the award for photographer of the year with a series of 4 of my fine art architecture photos.
I submitted the following photos as a series:

Doha – Doha city fine art architecture

black and white photo of skyscrapers in doha

I was in Doha in early 2022 to photograph 4 properties for DAMAC. Since I have never been to Doha before, I scheduled an extra day for this trip to explore the city and take fine art architecture photos for my portfolio.
This picture was taken in Doha West Bay and shows the variety of architecture that can be found in Doha in a very small space.

Abu Dhabi – Andaz Capital Gate

black and white photo of a leaning sky scraper in abu dhabi

This photo was taken on my trip to Abu Dhabi in January 2023. This fine art photo, by the way, was the first photo I took on this trip shortly after arriving in the early morning hours. The Andaz Capital Gate is home to the beautiful Hyatt Hotel, which offers guests a view of all of Abu Dhabi. The building is 160m high and has 35 floors and a heli-pad on the roof. With a slope of 18 degrees (!!!), it is the building with the largest slope in the world. By comparison, the “Leaning Tower of Pisa” has a slope of only 3.97 degrees. In my fine art architecture photos, I like to show the directly surrounding buildings in addition to my main object, in order to integrate the immediate surroundings into my work. Unfortunately, right next to the Andaz Capital Gate is a military building. Photographing military installations or government buildings is strictly forbidden in the United Arab Emirates – so I had to limit my point of view and the angle of view accordingly for this photo.

Dubai – the Burj Khalifa as fine art architecture work

black and white photo of the worlds tallest building in dubai

This photo was taken spontaneously when I walked along the promenade at Burj Kalifa Lake. I usually walk 1-2 times around the building I want to photograph to find perspectives I didn’t find on google maps, if necessary. In this case, it was an absolute bull’s eye. From a certain angle, the lines of the canopies folded around the Burj Khalifa like an organic frame. At the same time, the incredible, syrreal dimension of this structure is underlined by the view from below to above.

Doha – Lusail Twin Towers

multi color sky scraper that looks like lego in doha

Just like the Doha City picture, this picture was taken on my day off after my photoshoot for DAMAC. Special feature? Yes – it’s one of the few photos I post in color. The reason…respectively the reasons are: First, I like the colors incredibly. At the same time, they help to understand the spatial dimensions of the Lusail Twin Towers. On top of that, I think the color gives this structure a playful attribute and fits the overall concept.
The second, and for me very significant reason, is that the different colors of the towers represent the different nationalities that live in Doha. The colors represent the peaceful coexistence of the multi-cultural population.

In the next few days I will publish another blog post about my trip to Abu Dhabi and my fine art architecture photos of this fantastic city. If you like my work you can visit HERE the gallery with more fine art photos of me.

And HERE you can find my awards won so far

Many greetings and see you soon,