Interior photography

As a real estate photographer and architectural photographer, one of my main tasks is to reflect interiors in a valuable and at the same time natural way. In my interior photography I attach great importance to the perfect perspective in combination with deliberately set lighting.

The right perspective

I choose my perspectives so that the viewer through my pictures, for example, immediately understands an apartment and its character. In the mind of the viewer, the apartment must open up logically. At the same time, I strive to create a realistic impression through my interior shots. I’m not a big fan of ultra-wide shots – because they make rooms look bigger than they really are. The result is disappointed prospects who imagined the property to be larger based on the exposé…and that’s something to avoid!

Light control for interior photography

High-quality photos of interiors often require the use of flashes to appropriately illuminate a room. I strive to make my interior photos look natural, even though I’ve used an artificial light source. I think of my strobes as an extended arm of the sun, supporting the existing light and its direction, not reinventing it. Again, the realistic, natural-looking result is the top priority.