Fine Art

Welcome to my fine art architecture photography gallery. These pictures literally mean the world to me, because they are very personal and give an insight into my soul. You can call this a photographer’s soul striptease.

fine art process

My black and white fine art architecture photography is always the result of a very long working process. Sometimes I sit for a few days; sometimes even a few weeks on my fine art images until I am satisfied with the overall result. All photos are completely manually edited and realized according to my vision.


Reduction to the pure essence

I mainly create black and white fine art architecture photographs. In my opinion, this type of photography reduces a building to its innermost core and eliminates image content that distracts from the main object. In my black and white fine art architecture work – as the name suggests – the factor “color” is eliminated. Instead of color, I work with the entire spectrum of shades of gray between black and white.
Through a special shooting technique (long exposures) elements like cloud structures, moving cars, pedestrians etc., which distract from the main object, are either eliminated or strongly simplified.
Just like the process of image editing, the photography for black and white fine art architecture shots is very time consuming: I always take my photos in daylight and use so-called ND filters. These filters are like extremely strong sunglasses that allow long exposure times. Sometimes I expose a photo for up to 8 minutes. With such a large amount of time, each photo must be planned exactly. These long exposure times simplify images and removes elements that distract from the main subject. Thus the main actor – in my case it is mostly architecture – gets more importance and attention.
In very rare cases I leave the color in my fine art architecture photos. But then this has certain reasons. One example is the Lusail Marina Twin Towers – HERE I write about this color fine art architecture photo in a blog post. In case you want to see more of my fine art work – HERE you can see more of my work on my Instagram account

my fine art photography for you

By the way, you can also book me as a fine art architecture photographer: if you need expressive, unique and at the same time monumental artwork of a building, a city or a monument, I am looking forward to your request. Fine art architecture picture series according to specific customer wishes are also part of my offer. This offer is mainly aimed at architects, cities and municipalities who need first-class and incomparable images, e.g. for marketing purposes.