fine art city scape Award

Actually I wanted to write this post earlier – but better late than never: I proudly announce that I won the international VIPA Award with my fine art city scape photos. Click here to see the award I won

As described in the previous post bout my fine art photos, I used the Corona – Lockdown to deepen the fine art technique. I already had some prior knowledge, but I was still lacking the finishing touches. Especially with regard to image processing, there was still a lot to learn. For this (as stupid as it may sound) the lockdown was “ideal for it”. Instead of Netflix, there was only Photoshop, and so I was able to use the Corona break to continue my education in the long term. My fine art portfolio has grown rapidly; a fine art account was created on Instagram (fineart.exposures), and I received a surprising amount of positive feedback on my fine art city scape images. Of course, this was a great motivational boost, and so I continued to work on my “dark art.”

One day I got a message from a follower recommending me to participate in an international photo contest (VIPA). The task: submit a series of images (3-5 photos) within a given category. At the same time, the images should have some context.

So I was wondering if I should do that…and if so, what to submit. In the end, the appeal was too great to enter the contest and have a jury judge my images. Especially since Julia Anna Gospodarou – a photographer whose work I have long admired – was part of the jury. So at the same time it was a great chance for one of my great idols to judge my photos. With more or less shaking knees, I then submitted 5 photos in the category “city scape”. As a title for the series I chose (oh how apt) “Lockdown – Lessons”.

Here is the short text I had written about my fine art city scape series:

I “used” the Corona-Pandemic (lockdown and -related restrictions) to learn more about fine art photography. After the lockdown I took many long walks to bring what I have learned to life. All of the submitted photos were taken within the past 12 months. Fortunately I was able to visit Lisbon in September (right before the next lockdown) where I took the MAAT-photo. In my work I try to incorporate and emphasize visual elements (such as lines, stairs, benches etc.) that are serving the main object. I use these elements to guide and lead the viewer’s eye in some cases. In many cases I reduce my main object to the core in order to show its character and charisma.

My picture series

Below I present to you the photos (with a few thoughts and anecdotes) that I submitted as my fine art city scape – series for the contest.

Here you will find all the pictures for an enlarged view.

MAAT – Lissabon

modern building with bridge in the backgroundI was amazed when I finally saw the MAAT in Lisbon with my own eyes. The MAAT is the
Museum of Contemporary Art and Architecture and looks simply stunning. The facade resembles a veil blowing in the wind. The reflective tiles mirror the water of the Tagus River and add liveliness to the building. Unfortunately, when I set up my tripod to take a photo, a security guard immediately approached me and said that taking photos with a tripod in front of the building was not allowed. I almost started to cry For so long I had been looking forward to this photo, and now I couldn’t make it work as planned. So I had no choice but to shoot a handheld photo and then edit it afterwards as a fine art photo.

Hans-Otto Theater

modern building with curvy roof fine art black and white
I had the Hans-Otto Theater in Potsdam on my fine art city scape list for a long time.
On a dull day I went to Potsdam to photograph this unique building.
One rarely gets to see such a roof structure. Editing this image was a lot of fun, because it emphasizes this particular roof shape.


tempodrom berlin fine art black and white
I had already photographed the Tempodrom in Berlin a few times. However, somehow I always missed something about it.
Then once I was there and took a picture from the steps overlooking the building, a light came on:
By using the stairs as lines leading up to the building, I had a great visual element that sort of played the pass to the main player in front of the empty goal. You know what I mean…



sky scraper and lines on floor fine art black and white
I took this photo at the casino in Berlin (next to Potsdamer Platz). Actually I was on my way home and had not planned this photo.
But then I thought on the spot that this motif in combination with the stairs / steps – elements could be ideal as a fine art city scape motif.
By the time I finished editing the image, a few days had passed. But the effort was worth it in my opinion 🙂


skyscrapers with roof in front fine art black and white
I remember exactly when I took this photo. The reason: My tripod was standing directly on the sidewalk in front of the entrance to a department store.
The exposure time was over 3 minutes, and permanently I was addressed by the appropriate people in the appropriate way. What won’t you do for a good photo. Instead of stripes on the floor, I highlighted the gradations on the underside of the canopy as harmonious lines.

So…that’s it for the award and my favorite activity during the Corona – Lockdown. More fine art city scape images will follow soon.

Until then all the best and thank you for your interest,