In January I flew to Doha Qatar for an assignment for architecture / interior photography. Besides all the Covid-19 – related hassle it was a fantastic experience. After spending 2 days in hotel quarantine, I finally started shooting for my architecture assignment. My assignment was to take interior and exterior photos 3 buildings in Lusail – a city located 10 km north of Doha. My plan was to shoot 3 days “for my job” and then spend one day for “my hobby” – fine art photography. It would be a sin to visit Doha without having an extra day to explore this ever-growing city. Just driving on the highway and watching the city from a distance is a breathtaking experience. The skyline is filled with extremely unique, detailed and beautiful buildings. It truly is a paradise for fine art photography.

Of course – prior to my trip, I researched the city and the buildings via google maps and google street view. That usually gives me a good idea on interesting angles and perspectives for my photos. At the same time, it safes a lot of time on location. As the position of the sun is important for my fine art photography, I use the App “Photo Pills” to check the ideal time of the day.

The first object for my fine art photography in Doha were the “Marina Twin Towers”. This incredible iconic landmark has a lovely shape and beautiful colors. When I saw this building for the first time I knew that I will be making two versions of it: One fine art black and white version and one fine art color version. Here is the color version:

color photo of two towers with buildings in the background

And here is the black and white version:

black and white photo of two towers with buildings in the background

What makes this place so special is that it is located in the desert and that Doha and Lusail are still growing. As a consequence, there are still some “desert sand surfaces” in the middle of the city. I took this as an integral element for my photos of the Twin Towers. My intention was to make the buildings look like an island in the desert.

In the near future I will publish more about my fine art photography in Doha. If you want to see more of my work – here’s the link to my fine art photography gallery   

If you are interest in seeing even more of my fine art photography – check my profile on Instagram: fineart.exposures

In case you are interested in visiting Doha and you are not sure where to stay, I highly recommend the hotel Cielo in Lusail. I had a lovely stay there.

Stay tuned and see you soon,